Liz's heart belongs to Jesus, her husband, Jason, and their three teenage boys.  As a Revelation Wellness Instructor and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, she’s passionate about helping women find body and food freedom so they can live their healthiest, happiest, and most free lives in Christ.

Liz Patton

Summer Faith

Summer Faith

Summer is a wife and mom of two growing boys in Lynden, Washington. As a Revelation Wellness Instructor she is crazy passionate about the body of Christ walking in the fullness of their giftings and that’s why you’ll find her teaching classes a couple times a week in her hometown.


“I finally started to learn and feel freedom in my thoughts and relationships and how to glorify God in all of it. Liz and Summer are so encouraging and honest which makes it comfortable for the group to show up, be honest, and break chains as a result. You girls were speaking exactly what my heart needed to hear!!”⁠  Ginny S.


“I just had to share with you as I prepared for my workout at work, I was in the bathroom and put on my headband and heard your words envision that headband as a crown; you are a daughter of the King! In that moment I felt the Holy Spirit wash over me and fear and feelings that I was not good enough left me! You are a true blessing to me! One day I hope to give you a great big hug, but until then I am sending you a virtual HUG!”⁠--Tricia H.


“I’m constantly blown away by your hunger for God’s presence! I’m very glad to be here. I don’t really know how to describe the effect this group has had on me. It feels like we are practicing fixing our gaze on Christ, while not ignoring becoming healthy. But becoming healthy isn’t the focus. Becoming whole in Him and then aligning our wellness pursuit with our walk - health is not ignored, but it takes its proper place in our pursuit of Jesus.  Whatever it is we’re doing here, it’s what I’ve needed!” —Tami R.


“Do you know why I choose to be in the HWF Community?  Because it’s a bunch of fearless women running towards God.”  Gennean C.